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  1. Recently, the City of Kalispell announced results of testing for PFAS, a potential water contaminant not currently regulated by EPA or Montana Department of Environmental Quality. Even though there is no current limits for PFAS (and related contaminants), the DEQ has determined that levels found in several of the City’s samples may present health risks to users.   This City’s testing has not been done on any of Evergreen’s wells.  Evergreen does not get any water from the City of Kalispell. 
  2. Evergreen tests its wells monthly as required by DEQ but has never tested for PFAS. Evergreen is scheduled with the EPA to do testing as part of the UCMR 5, the unregulated contaminant monitoring rule, in 2025.  After learning about the City’s test results, Evergreen contacted DEQ to discuss possible earlier testing of Evergreen’s wells as a precautionary measure.  Evergreen currently has no indication that PFAS is present in any of Evergreen’s wells.
  3. Evergreen will keep its customers and public posted on the results of testing, which has yet been scheduled. Updates will be posted on our website and Facebook page.
  4. In the meantime, Evergreen urges customers with concerns about PFAS to consult the EPA’s resource: https://www.epa.gov/pfas/our-current-understanding-human-health-and-environmental-risks-pfas
  5. Evergreen Water and Sewer District is committed to providing safe, reliable, and cost effective water supplies and wastewater services. Visit our website at www.evergreenwaterdistrict.com and Facebook:  Evergreen Water and Sewer District.